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Network Administrator


Full-time Position

Essential (1-3 yrs)


Any Location / Remote


The Network Administrator responsibilities Includes: Fully supporting, configuring, maintaining and upgrading corporate client's networks and in house servers. Installing and integrating new server hardware and applications. Keeping an eye out for needed updates.

Network Troubleshooting
Network Design


  • The Network Administrator builds, configures, replaces and troubleshoots networks hardware and associated devices.
  • The Network Administrator secures network system by establishing and enforcing policies: defining and monitoring access.
  • Troubleshoots connectivity issues (LAN, WLAN, WAN, VoIP, and Internet access).
  • Network Monitoring (check and address alarms, monitor link utilization)
  • Network Administrator Implements network change request, Support in Network Infrastructure projects.
  • Management of infrastructure, network, equipment, and facilities.
  • Plans internal and external process improvements for continued service excellence.
  • Network Administrator manages all internet equipment peripherals, ensures that equipments are properly maintained, updated, and in good running condition.


  • Superb knowledge of, subnetting, multicast, unicast traffic, routing protocols, and other networking fundamentals.
  • Experience and knowledge that demonstrates competency with network design, operational support, hands-on implementation.
  • Ability to create network diagrams, training outlines, and document processes and procedures.
  • Ability to work at a high technical level on all phases of network operations and maintenance.
  • Provide clear and effective direction/training to less experienced staff and/or users.
  • Must be able to evaluate network performance and interact with users to solve complex problem and review the work of others.
  • Detail-oriented and organized; able to understand network evaluation criteria.
  • Fundamentals of Server Virtualization, General networking knowledge. .

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Any Location
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Full-time Position (40 h/week )
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Any Time Zone
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Essential (1-3 yrs)
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