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$2,900 / Mo

Any Location / Remote

Node.js Developer


Freelance Project

2 Mo

Advanced (5-10 yrs)


Any Location / Remote

$2,900 / Mo

Project Brief

This is a project for one of our clients located in Japan
Mobile app (already in AppStore and Google Play) using localization to schedule trips and recommend sightseeing spots, restaurants, etc.
[Our tech stacks & tools used]
・TypeScript, NodeJS, express, Docker,
・Dart, Flutter (for iOS, Android, Web), BLoC,
・Postgres, Firestore, FireAuth
・OpenAPI, Prisma(ORM),
・Firebase, Google App Engine, CloudSQL,
・Clean Architecture, Micro Service Architecture, DDD, TDD, RESTful API
・GitHub, CircleCI, GitHub actions
・GitHub projects, Slack, zoom, meet, Google drive
・Scrum, Agile
[Team details]
・All our collaborators are from all around the world. (Offshore developers mainly)
・English is used for internal communications (documents and meetings)
・Only remote work, working hours will depend on the candidate’s time zone.
→A person with design experience or knowledge in "Clean Architecture".
→A person who can design by taking advantage of the characteristics of static typed languages.
→A person who understands DDD & TDD.
→A person who understands Micro Service Architecture.
→A person who understands the benefits of static typed languages.
→Strong NodeJS and Backend dev skills
→A person who has experience of backend development for a web server using strongly typed language 3+ years. (Great match: Golang, TypeScript, Scala, Java, etc…)
→5 years or more if possible
[Matching profile]
・A person who likes development.
・A person who likes new technologies.
・A person who likes automation.
・Someone who only knows JS, PHP, Ruby, Python,
・Someone who only knows pure JS, html, css
・Someone who only or mainly knows Objective-C, Java
[Other details]
・You can decide the working hours yourself. Daily and regular meetings are held on weekdays between 8 am and 11 am (UTC).
・Those who want to work late at night or on weekends instead of only on weekdays are welcome. (You will work 5 days in a week)
・Meeting attendance on Thursday is required.
・There is no need to speak nor understand Japanese, don’t worry :)


Job Code :
Duration :
2 Mo
Job Type :
Freelance Project (40 h/week )
Start Date :
Tue, Aug 10, 2021
Work Mode :
Time Zone :
Any Time Zone
Experience Level :
Advanced (5-10 yrs)
Payment :
$2,900 / Mo
Location :
Any Location