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Hiring guidelines in United States

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Minimum Wage Requirements
The Federal minimum wage is currently $35,568 for exempt/salaried workers. There are 5 states where the salary minimum wage is higher than the Federal minimum wage. These states are California, Colorado, Maine, New York, and Washington. Employees residing in these 5 states must have annual salaries that are at least the same amount as the state minimum wage. Employees residing in other states must have annual salaries at least the same amount as the Federal minimum wage.
Individual Income Tax

The national (federal) minimum wage is USD 7.25 per hour or USD 1,160 per month. There is additional state-by-state minimum wage laws.

Gross Annual Income (USD) Federal Tax Rate (%)
Up to 9,950 10%
Between 9,951 to 40,525 12%
Between 40,526 to 86,375 22%
Between 86,376 to 164,925 24%
Between 164,926 to 209,425 32%
Between 209,426 to 523,600 35%
Over 523,601 37%

The above is based on a single employee with no partner or dependents

Payroll Cost

The employer cost is generally estimated at 9.50%-12.50% (depending on the state) of the employee salary. 
- Social security - 6.2% up to a yearly limit of USD 9,932.40
- Medicare - 1.45%
- Federal Unemployment - 0.60% up to a yearly limit of USD 42
- State Unemployment -  1%-4% with yearly limits based on the state
- Worker’s Compensation - 0.25%-0.30%
- Payroll Tax (California only) - 0.38%

Overtime Pay & Maximum Hours

Standard working hours are 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. The standard work week is from Monday to Friday.

Overtime payment is mandatory for certain types of work and roles at both the Federal level under The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and in certain states. Certain roles and types of work may, however, be exempt from mandatory overtime requirements. For these exempt roles. Overtime is considered included in the salary.