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Hiring guidelines in Canada

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Minimum Wage Requirements

On April 1, 2022, the federal minimum wage increased from $15.00 to $15.55 per hour. For those working in provinces or territories where the general minimum wage rate is higher, the higher rate will continue to apply.

Minimum wage in Canada differs by Province / Territory.

Please reference the corresponding information for current wages:



Individual Income Tax

Individuals pay federal taxes as well as provincial taxes based on where they are located. Federal individual income tax ranges from 15% to 33%. Income tax is calculated according to progressive rates.

Income (Portion)

Tax Rate

Taxable income up to $53,359, plus


Taxable income over $53,359 up to $106,717, plus


Taxable income over $106,717 up to $165,430, plus


Taxable income over $165,430 up to $235,675, plus


Taxable income over $235,675, plus


For provincial and territorial tax rates, please see Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec.

Payroll Cost

The employer cost is roughly estimated between 8.23% and 14.63% depending on employee’s province of residence

This is the employer cost for Ontario:

  • Quebec Pension Plan (Quebec only) - 6.40%
  • Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (Quebec only) - 0.69%
  • WSDRF - Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Fund (Quebec Only) - 1.0%
  • Canada Pension Plan (excluding Quebec) - 5.95%
  • Employment Health Tax - 1.95% - 4.26% depending on provincial government
  • Employment Insurance - 2.28%
  • Worker's Compensation - 0.18%-1.28% depending on provincial government
  • Mandatory Private Health Insurance - CA$124- CA$420 
  • Health Insurance admin fee - USD 15


Optional Costs: 

If the Optional Pension Plan is offered to employees, the following monthly fees will apply: 

  • Service fee for the Optional Pension Plan: USD 10
  • Additional service fee for Employer Contribution to the employee's Optional Pension Plan (if applicable): USD 15
Overtime Pay & Maximum Hours
Standard working hours are 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. The standard workweek is from Monday to Friday. There are specific requirements depending on the province as well as the industry. Overtime pay is generally mandatory. Certain position types and professions are exempt from overtime requirements such as employees with managerial responsibilities. Exemptions are complex and depend upon the province where the employee is located. Hours outside of standard work hours are considered overtime. Employees can work a maximum of 8 hours of overtime per week. For additional hours, employees are paid 150% of their salary.