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Hiring guidelines in Dominican Republic

  • Pay & taxes
  • Leave policy
  • Termination
  • Time-off
  • Additional info
Minimum Wage Requirements
In the Dominican Republic, the minimum wage varies per type of company (private, public), the number of employees, and the company’s annual income. re is no minimum wage by law. The minimum monthly wage can range from DOP 11,900 to DOP 21,000. 

Individual Income Tax

The individual income tax ranges from 0% to 25%. Income tax is calculated according to progressive rates.

Gross Annual Income Tax Rate (%)
Up to DOP 416,220 0%
Up to DOP 624,329 15%
Up to DOP 867,123 20%
Over DOP 867,123 25%
Payroll Cost

The employer cost is generally estimated at 16.39% of the employee salary.

  • Pension Fund - 7.10%
  • Health Insurance Contribution - 7.09%
  • INFOTEP - 1%
  • Occupational Risk Insurance - 1.20%
  • One-off Mandatory Wet Ink Employment Agreement Handling Fee - 80 USD

Additionally, the employer will have to pay a 13th salary and an annual bonus payment.

Most employer costs have limits, therefore the percentage will vary. Pension Fund limit DOP 325,250 Health Insurance Contribution limit DOP 162,625 Occupational Risk Insurance DOP 65,050

Overtime Pay & Maximum Hours
Standard working hours are 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. The standard work week is from Monday to Friday. However, the standard work week can be extended, adding 4 additional hours on Saturday.