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Hiring guidelines in Luxembourg

  • Pay & taxes
  • Leave policy
  • Termination
  • Time-off
  • Additional info
Minimum Wage Requirements
The the minimum wage can vary according to the employee's skills. For unskilled workers the minimum wage is usually around EUR 2,570.93 and around EUR 3,085.12 for skilled workers.
Individual Income Tax
Income Tax in Luxembourg is complex. The individual income tax ranges from 8% to 42%. Income tax is calculated according to progressive rates, marital state, and the employee’s number of children.
Payroll Cost

The employer cost is generally estimated at 11.94% of the employee's salary.

  • Public Pension Fund - 8%
  • Sickness and Maternity Benefits Funds (Caisse de maladie soins) - 0.25%
  • Work Accident Insurance - 0.75%
  • Public Health Insurance (Caisse de maladie soins) - 2.8%
  • Onboarding Medical Check and Employee Professional Fitness Care - 0.14%
  • Telephone and Internet Allowance - EUR 15
Overtime Pay & Maximum Hours

Overtime payment is mandatory for all employees except for Senior Managers. Hours of overtime are paid at 140% of the regular hourly rate. Overtime may be paid as leave-in-lieu of pay (1 hour overtime of overtime equals 1 hour and 30 minutes of time off). 
For additional hours, employees are paid: 

Overtime type Pay
Standard overtime 140% of the regular hourly rate
Working on public holidays 200% of the regular hourly rate
Working on Sundays  170% of the regular hourly rate
Working at night (from 10 PM to 6 AM) 115% of the regular hourly rate