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What you will get in every plan?

Get Candidates

Free job board
Every post you add will be automatically posted on our free job board with guaranteed thousands of views.
Free social media posts
Every post you add will be automatically published on SupportFinity’s social network on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Reddit and more.
Unlimited integrations with any job board
Create your post one time and push it to any job board you prefer, we offer integrations with more than 200 job boards.
Custom link image
Every post you share will be shown automatically with a beautiful image showing your logo and the post details, you can use it for best reach anywhere.

Plan Every Hire with AI

AI Job Descriptions
AI can write every job description for you with the tone you prefer, try it here.
Instant salaries
Get instant salary suggestions for any job you create worldwide (patented protected).
Auto-fill skills
Our smart technology will automatically fill the needed skills for every job you create.
Hiring lists
Have separate hiring lists for every department or team in your company.

Always Free Careers Page

Custom careers page (always free)
Get automatically created careers page that you can customize in seconds according to your preferred colors, fonts and branding elements.
Brand your company
Share your company careers page that is 100% identical to your website.

Best Recruitment Software

World-class ATS
Manage your hiring stages from our quick and easy Application Tracking System at enterprise-grade experience.
AI-powered profiles search
Search every application with your custom searches using AI.
Unlimited hiring teams
Invite different hiring teams for every job at no limit and assign roles to everyone.
Unlimited profiles and CV viewing
Browse candidates for every post without view locks or limits even after your job is ended or if you stopped your plan.
See all activities and speak with your team about every hire from your secure Timeline.
Message and chat with candidates
Chat with candidates directly and start engaging conversations from your dashboard.
Unlimited email integrations
Integrate your email with SupportFinity and send directly all your emails from your dashboard.
Interview scheduler
Schedule and send interview requests to your candidates with no conflicts thanks to the smart AI scheduler.

Candidates Relationship Management

Unlimited AI candidate search
Use our AI-powered search to track all candidates and see profiles completely.
Unlimited job invites
Invite your candidates to apply for any of your active jobs.
Candidate history
See all previous applications for every candidate in a very simple way.
Chat anytime
Talk with every candidate in your database even if you stopped your plan.

Smart Reporting and Analytics

All-time Data
See complete data and analytics of your posts, know all your hiring trends along the year from a dynamic view.
Hiring process timeline
Know how long it takes to fill your positions, know where your process is stuck.
Hiring team performance
See the performance details of all your hiring team in detail.
Detailed dashboard and excel reports
Download executive dashboards for all your current posts or export it to detailed excel files.

Recruitment Services and Unlimited Support

World-class recruitment services
Get recommendations from our recruitment team and work with a dedicated Account Manager to find and scan the market for you to get you the best talents (comes with recruitment services add-on).
Unlimited support
Get our 24/7 epic support for free once you join even if you have no active plans.

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