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how to select the right Engagement Director

Selecting the Right Engagement Directors

Hiring is one of the toughest challenges any company can face, either large enterprises or new startups. There is a great deal of know-how kind of experience when hiring a Engagement Director, not all companies have the right processes that can warrant best hires.

At SupportFinity, we streamlined our processes and in-house standards to make sure of having one of the top world-class hiring processes. The magic mix of skills ingredients is what separates a great hire from a not-so-good one. We came to this conclusion through consulting top technical and HR experts in addition to our years of work and exposure with most sophisticated projects across almost all tech verticals and areas of expertise. So you get one of the best recruitment processes to hire a Engagement Director.

As we have created and crafted a unique method of teams’ customization, we have also perfected our signature model of matching the right skills for our customers to hire either one Engagement Director or a team of Engagement Directors. We have a long lasting belief in the power of data analytics in creating unmatchable results, thus, we apply our analytical models on our hiring process same as we do in our business model.

Engagement Director Job Description Template

Engagement Director

AKA: Director of Client Services

The Engagement Director Assist clients with using the services throughout projects. The Engagement Director helps solving client's problems and managing financial aspects of contracts. Ensuring contracts are carried out according to agreed terms.

  • The Engagement Director provides world class client service relationship management.
  • Refines, implement, and manage formal partnerships and collaborations across local region.
  • Identifies organizational performance improvement opportunities within assigned markets.
  • The Engagement Director performs site visits with targeted markets.
  • The Engagement Director uses CRM system to manage relationships and activities, Create and maintain account plans for the region.
  • Consults with pre and post signed client to determine how technology can be applied to their specific business needs.
  • Looking for incremental investment opportunities for clients.
  • Communication of privacy standpoint to agencies and selected clients, Assist Director in coordinating agency.

  • Proven digital campaign planning credentials.
  • Agency OR digital sales background to include experience of senior/strategic level interaction with clients.
  • Articulate & strong communicator.
  • Polished presentation skills, Excel and Powerpoint skills.
  • Experience in delivering against revenue targets or measurable deliverables.
  • Experience in maintaining senior client relationships and overcoming issues and objections to achieve core business objectives.
  • Logical reasoning skills and comfort with numbers. Strong understanding of online media market, dynamics and competition.
  • Experience of multiple industry categories and what drives their online advertising success. .

Three Steps to Hire a First-Class Team How it works


Your Global Team

Start from a template or do it yourself, get an instant cost of any country you choose



With Vetted Experts

Interview and hire from a selected list of experts, work with a dedicated recruiter till you make the best decision



an All-Stars Team

Grow and power your business with global talents as either employees or contractors


Skills Matrix at SupportFinity

These are sets of the must have skills that we care about and put as top requirements needed for hiring first class Engagement Director.

country flagIndian Engagement Director woman Engagement Director stars for rating skilled people at SupportFinity
country flagAmerican Engagement Director man Engagement Director stars for rating skilled people at SupportFinity
White man at SupportFinityBrown man at SupportFinitySome background shapeBackground shapesBrown girl at SupprotFinityWhite grit at SupportFinity
Customer Support
Language aptitute metric at SupportFinity
Language Aptitude
We receive requests of hiring from candidates among more than 100 countries. As we bring skills from each and every place in the world, we make sure we have the right match of language proficiency with our clients' requirements. Your Engagement Director or team of Engagement Directors will have the ...see more
Communication Quality metric at SupportFinity
Communication Quality
The next level of screening we perform at SupportFinity is the communication quality, in this stage we make sure that the Engagement Director can deliver high quality of communication; especially on the technical aspects of the job. We conduct our assessments to cover multiple aspects of communication ...see more
Personality tests at SupportFinity
Personality Tests
Personality tests at SupportFinity
Technical Excellence

The Best Choice is SupportFinity

We crafted our model very carefully to deliver best value for our clients, hiring first-class freelancers and full-time experts can never be easier. Our model is backed by a proprietary advanced AI and data analytics, thus we are ahead of everyone:

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Freelancing toptal, upwork & others
SupportFinity vs ToptalSupportFinity vs Upwork  & Others
Outsourcing accenture & others
SupportFinity vs Accenture  & Others
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PriceInstant & FairModerate to HighHighInstant & Fair
QualityVery HighAverage -> AcceptablePoor -> AverageVery High
CommitmentVery High/No RiskPoor/RiskyModerate/Less RiskVery High/No Risk
ConsistencyVery HighPoorAverage -> AcceptableVery High
Time to StartShortestLongVery LongShortest
Effort to StartNo Effort (All Online)HighVery HighNo Effort (All Online)
Customize TeamsAmazingly DoableNot AvailableLimitedAmazingly Doable
Engagement PeriodAlways FlexibleUsually shortUsually LongAlways Flexible
IP ProtectionVery HighLooseLess LooseVery High
Ease of UseVery EasyDifficultVery DifficultVery Easy
ContractingVery EasyComplexVery ComplexVery Easy
Tax & ComplianceNo Effort ComplianceExhaustingComplexNo Effort Compliance
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