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Selecting the Right Process Analysts

Hiring is one of the toughest challenges any company can face, either large enterprises or new startups. There is a great deal of know-how kind of experience when hiring a Process Analyst, not all companies have the right processes that can warrant best hires.

At SupportFinity, we streamlined our processes and in-house standards to make sure of having one of the top world-class hiring processes. The magic mix of skills ingredients is what separates a great hire from a not-so-good one. We came to this conclusion through consulting top technical and HR experts in addition to our years of work and exposure with most sophisticated projects across almost all tech verticals and areas of expertise. So you get one of the best recruitment processes to hire a Process Analyst.

As we have created and crafted a unique method of teams’ customization, we have also perfected our signature model of matching the right skills for our customers to hire either one Process Analyst or a team of Process Analysts. We have a long lasting belief in the power of data analytics in creating unmatchable results, thus, we apply our analytical models on our hiring process same as we do in our business model.

Process Analyst Job Description Template

Process Analyst

AKA: Business Process Analyst

The process Analyst is a specialized Analyst who works with businesses to break down business processes into specific steps. This helps the company understand and improve business processes. The Process Analysts works on projects designed to improve quality, reduce errors and design new business processes.

  • The Process Analyst conducts orientation for new operation key personnel (Officer level up)
  • The Process Analyst establishes the new process for new sections/departments of new businesses of the company.
  • The Process Analyst supervises the Business Process section in the conceptualization, establishment and implementation of new processes.
  • The Process Analyst supervises the Process Audit section in the maintenance of Audit Effectiveness.
  • Conducts process assessment by interviewing process owners.
  • The Process Analyst analyzes current process models and improve designs and determine the necessary changes.
  • Identifies document and analyze business rule that govern the implementation of business processes.

  • Must be proficient in Excel and be able to create and troubleshoot complex spreadsheets.
  • Ability to develop new ideas and creative solutions.
  • Advanced problem-solving skills for difficult and complex issues.
  • Experience communicating results to operations and business leaders.
  • Motivated self-starter, proactive and action-oriented, Background working with, and supporting, field facing organizations.
  • Highly organized and detail focused, have multi-tasking skills, and efficient in ambiguous situations.
  • Ability to consistently meet deadlines, and provide well-vetted reporting and business recommendations.
  • Financial or accounting background, exposure to commissions and revenue recognition topics. .

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Skills Matrix at SupportFinity

These are sets of the must have skills that we care about and put as top requirements needed for hiring first class Process Analyst.

country flagIndian Process Analyst woman Process Analyst stars for rating skilled people at SupportFinity
country flagAmerican Process Analyst man Process Analyst stars for rating skilled people at SupportFinity
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Business Process Modeling
Language aptitute metric at SupportFinity
Language Aptitude
We receive requests of hiring from candidates among more than 100 countries. As we bring skills from each and every place in the world, we make sure we have the right match of language proficiency with our clients' requirements. Your Process Analyst or team of Process Analysts will have the needed level of language knowledge you expect, each candidate passes through our language tests that warrant at least a good command of reading, writing and speaking of the languages our clients ask for.

We know that communication starts from speaking common languages, thus we put this aspect as a first factor in our selection process, we do not proceed with hiring for Process Analyst before making sure that the candidate passes the language ability tests first.
Communication Quality metric at SupportFinity
Communication Quality
The next level of screening we perform at SupportFinity is the communication quality, in this stage we make sure that the Process Analyst can deliver high quality of communication; especially on the technical aspects of the job. We conduct our assessments to cover multiple aspects of communication quality, such as:

The ability of self-explanation ( writing – speaking )

The ability of describing problems structurally and technically ( writing & speaking)

The ability of explaining ideas, situations and problems ( reading, writing & speaking)
Personality tests at SupportFinity
Personality Tests
Personality tests at SupportFinity
Technical Excellence
Samy, Customer Support Assistant from SupportFinity

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